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I Just fucking love this ♥


    I Just fucking love this ‚ô•

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  2. Comic-Con

    I had the most interesting comic-con ever, having been behind the scenes of some of this stuff for once. My least favorite moment was being told that my signing was canceled because they lost my comics in the mail. It was a hard lesson to learn that there are things out of your control and sometimes you just have to be patient when bad things happen. But my favorite moment of the convention was when¬†someone who had only ever read WATCHMEN asked me what he should try reading next. I recommended SAGA. I hope he becomes a life-long comic reader, because it’s a great art form and one of the greatest storytelling mediums — well worth celebrating with 125,000 people every year (even if most of them are only there for the movies that often bastardize such comics).

    I’d love to be more specific about the things I’m learning while working in television, but for now I’ll just say that to have a day job working on something that millions of people watch and many are passionate about — that’s a dream I’m grateful to be living, and getting to see the fans up close was a great reminder of that.

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